Ban List

The NSE Ban List section shows you Market-Wide Position Limit or MWPL for over 140 derivative NSE stocks. It also shows whether a stock is in Ban List or has chances of a possible entry in the near future.

Before we move ahead, let us clear up the concepts of Ban List and MWPL.

What is MWPL?

Market-Wide Position Limit or MWPL is a limit that defines the maximum number of unsettled option contracts for any given derivative stock. Currently, the MWPL for indian derivative stocks is 95%.

What is NSE Ban List?

A stock enters the Ban List if its MWPL is above 95%. Implying that, Ban List shows the Futures and Options (FnO ) stocks whose combined open interest in all FnO contracts for a given period crosses 95% of Market-Wide Position Limit.

What are Possible Entrants and Possible Exits?

So, we have already defined that MWPL of a security should be above 95% to enter the FnO ban list.

If a stock has an MWPL above 80%, there are chances that it might enter the ban list in the near future. So, what we do is, filter out such stocks and put them in the possible entrants table. It becomes a lot easier to find them.

Possible exits on the other hand show FnO securities that are already in the ban list and have a possibility of exiting it.

If a stock is in the Ban List and its MWPL starts dropping below 95%, it has chances of possible exits from the ban list, in the near future.

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