Technical and Fundamental Analysis of Indian Stocks:

Analyse over 300 Indian stocks that trade on the National Stock exchange. The stock analysis tool at Nifty Trader allows you to analyze stocks using TA tools like trends, candlestick analysis, volume, gap support and resistance, levels and more.

Technical Analysis: It is a tool that is used to evaluate investments and also find trading opportunities by observing and analyzing trading trends, such as price movement, volume, gaps etc.

Also, technical analysts focus on trading signals, patterns of price movements, and many other analytical charting tools for evaluating a security's strength or weakness.

It can be used on any security with historical trading data and includes stocks, commodities, futures, fixed-income, currencies, and other securities.

Currently the study of technical analysis is based on two assumptions:

  • The market discounts everything:

    Several experts criticize technical analysis as it only considers price movements and ignores fundamental factors. It also removes the requirement to consider the factors separately before making an investment decision. So, the only remaining thing is the analysis of price movements, which technical analysts consider as the product of supply and demand for a specific stock in the market.
  • The Price movements in trends:

    Analysts believe that prices move in short-term, medium-term, and long-term trends. In other words, a stock price is more likely to continue a past trend than to move unevenly. Several technical trading strategies are also based on this assumption.

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